Ragdoll Kittens In Ct

Ragdoll coat is soft

The Ragdoll coat is delicate, silky and requires minimal care. It’s typically described as feeling extra like rabbit fur than a cat. The Ragdoll is a pointed breed, which signifies that all Ragdoll cats and kittens could have blue eyes. The breed was named for the cat’s tendency to “go limp” (like a rag doll) when they’re picked up.

Ragdoll kittens are extremely trusting in nature. It’s not uncommon to seek out Ragdoll cats and kittens sleeping on their again with their furry stomach uncovered. Ragdolls like to flop on their backs in the entrance of individuals to get stomach rubs. Our kittens are taught to do that as quickly as they can stroll. As with all residing issues, each Ragdoll has their very own cat persona and each is a bit of bit totally different, however, everyone could be very lovable with their very own methods.

I will probably be eternally grateful for the steering and friendship of Eileen Pickett of Villaroyal Ragdolls. Without Eileen’s endless love and information about the Ragdoll breed, and the standard of the cats she has trusted to me, Ragdolls wouldn’t exist. Ragdoll cat breeders of this impeccable stature are uncommon and valuable…. few and much between.

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